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Hello My name is Ashley I'm 21 married and I have two children Damon 19 months and Aurora 3 months. I lost the pregnancy weight from my son pretty quickly and actually got down to a weight that I hadnt been in a while (185 lbs) and I was hoping I'd do that after my daughter was born but so far I have not. I seem to be stuck at 203 with another 18 pounds to lose before I've lost all the pregnancy weight! I've always had a pretty bad self image and looking in the mirror and seeing the chub that hangs over my cesarean scar is really hard for me. I was doing pilates (what I had the strength to do anyway) and going for walks regularly but that sorta went down the drain when I injured my wrist and could not do pilates (still haven been able to do it yet). I stay home with my kids and make dinner for our family and usually do a good job of making a pretty healthy meal (except for last night we had lasagana). But we've been leaving the house to do tons of errands in the last 6 months and I've been eating more fast food than I should. So I'm not doing well on my weightloss but i'm hoping to get it going again because this whole being fat thing really sucks! Anyway, thats about all there is to me right now. I'm just looking for a community with a supportive group and maybe some helpful tips (I loved the modified pushups on the couch Idea and will probably try them when my wrist is better :D )


so I went to my second WW meeting and guess how much I lost???
0 pounds! wtf! I am going to try the flex plan an just count points. I was utterly disappointed.

tummy growling

ok so my first day doing WW was ok, but I am hungry...It'll get easier I know. I am going to bed now because I am tired, hungry and if I am sleeping I cannot ruin my day of good eating hahaha!

How's it going for you?


good grief, I sure do hope you are doing better than I at the dieting business!!! I suck.

I think WW is free to join right now I may HAVE to go.
I was very bad this morning.... Hubby brought me home a greek omelett and I was so starving I ate it and immediately regretted it.
I hope you're doing better, heh
Ok, so I didn't do my pilates.... when I was ready to Aislinn had a complete melt down (she totally refused to nap today) and I said I woudl do them "later"...I got busy, scrubbed floors, went to moms house, came home cooked dinner, fed Aislinn put her in bed and now it's 8:30 and I totally do not want to do them. Ugh. bad me.
But I took a 30 minute brisk walk this morning which Aislinn and I both really enjoyed.

I did my best to eat well today, cereal and fruit for breakfast, turkey and tomato sand. for lunch, 2 small, lean and boneless grilled pork chops for dinner with carrots. I had a sweet tooth so I cut a banana in half, then put a slit down it long ways, sprinkled a few choc. chips in it tossed it on the hot grill for a few minutes and had a not TOO fattening dessert! my hubby had the other half and was pleased because I never make dessert :o)

Problem is... I am feeling really hungry right now!!!

First day of WW.

Well here we go! I am having oatmeal for breakfast with some fruit in it. 2 points! Woo! :) I should eat in the morning anyways. I never do. Sheesh.
Now that means we need to get more fruit. yay! Plus the oatmeal can't hurt my supply!

Rough day, but good.

I joined Weight watchers today. I weighed... arggh. Hard to type this, but 241. Ugh. I weighed 185 in College and was great. So that is my long term goal.
I was pretty motivated though, it seems easy to do the points system, and there were other women there who had done it while breastfeeding, so that was encouraging.
However tonight I was miss crabby pants. We were going out to watch DH at Karate, and one of the girls there is a friend of mine. She is also a model. 36,24,34. Yea. Hard to feel pretty next to her. Not that she really cares, and has never made me feel bad, but lately I have been feeling insecure around her. Hopefully It will improve.

hey lady!

Hi, I wandered over tonight...I'm going nuts, and getting very depressed because I have GAINED weight over the last few months...I think I am going to find a picture of before my wedding (I was married in February and got pregnant in March) and a recent picture to post - and then maybe in a few months post another, hopefully improved picture!
Maybe this community will make dieting and exercising a little more fun.

First post

Alrightly, I created this journal for myself mainly, but if others want to join, feel free to ask.
My daughter was born on 12-12-05 and I have yet to lose much weight. So today I have thought of things I can do while she is playing as well as what I can do for my meals, and how to keep them healthy ( wow.. run on sentance!!)

I have been doing pilates ( well.. something like them) while she plays around me, lifting her and doing "bella weightlifting" which she loves, modified pushups on the couch while she cruises on it, and that is about it right now. We just shared a peach. I am trying to stick to snacks she can eat too, that will make me better. And I am sticking to one Pop a day and mostly water, and a milk with dinner.
Alrightly, gotta run.


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